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Mission & Vision

The mission of ENTRENSIC is to nurture underserved communities by supporting its members in gaining access to educational, financial, and housing resources. 

ENTRENSIC envisions an abundance of communities, spanning across both the Detroit and Highland Park areas, that were once underserved now thriving, bustling with businesses, revamped homes, community spaces, adequate access to both housing and financial literacy resources, youth development programs, and a strong sense of community engagement amongst each of its members.


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CEO, Founder

Kevin Taylor is a son, brother, friend, network curator, and social activist. As a Detroit native, his drive to positively affect the sociological standing of inner-city community members and their respective businesses have been a result of the vast array of experiences that set his foundation for relentless determination - including collegiate activism, running multiple non-profit charity based organizations & small businesses, as well as being an active member of local communities across the Detroit and Highland Park area. Kevin is passionate about creating opportunities and increasing resource availability for underserved populations and communities.


COO, Founder

As a Detroit native, who has a passion for working with kids. Riley is a founding member of ENTRENSIC and serves as the COO providing effective leadership to help the organization grow. Having obtained a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Social Work from The University of Michigan, she earned her LMSW and is licensed to perform trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy and concurrently holds the position of Psychotherapist for Henry Ford Health. She is an accomplished visionary and integrator who works diligently to find ways of providing access to the opportunities and resources needed to build thriving communities across the Detroit area both intrinsically and extrinsically. Her goal is to help connect individuals within communities to one another and elicit a more familial interaction amongst neighbors.

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